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Lewis Black

Known as the King of Rant, Lewis Black uses his trademark style of comedic yelling and finger pointing to expose

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Jim Breuer

Not long after Jim Breuer did his first official standup gig in Clearwater, Florida, in 1989, industry folks began

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Henry Rollins: Good To See You

On the Good To See You tour Henry will faithfully recount the events of his life in the brief pre-COVID period

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Bored Teachers

The biggest entertainment platform for teachers in the world Bored Teachers presents its first-ever comedy tour

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Eric D’Alessandro

Eric D’Alessandro, a charismatic New Yorker with an unfiltered sense of humor, a camera, and a knack for

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Best of Boston Comedy Festival!

Laughs will be abundant as the Best of the Boston Comedy Festival returns to the Kate.  Each year, the Festival

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